Donovan’s Kids

Donovan’s always been about exploring and trying new things.  Recently, he decided to try out this relationship thing his sisters were always raving about.  It got pretty serious, actually.  Maraiah Langerak, daughter of Illiana and Dustin Langerak, was sweet and kind and lovely and utterly amazing in every way!  He was going to propose to her, they were going to have kids.  Everything was wonderful!  Until he found out she was cheating on him.  While pregnant with his child.  Donovan has decided that the only woman he needs is his little girl, Rosanna.

Rosanna Mayfield — Donovan’s first baby!  8D  Her mother is the cheating whore, Mariah Langerak.

Traits: Artistic | Good | Hot-Headed
Age: child
Life-Time Wish: ???
Birth Info: Sunset Valley – hospital | December
Favorites: Autumn Salad | Disco | Red
Sign: Gemini
strawberry blonde hair | alien black eyes
Through the Ages: