Lucky Mayfield

Natural Traits:  Shy | Adventurous | Independent
Learned Traits: Playful | Neat
Age: adult
Adoption Info:  Sunset Valley – newspaper adoption | July
Species:  mutt
Identifying Marks:  mushroom shaped splotch on his back
cream with brown spots & sprinkles | blue eyes

Lucky learned to survive out on the streets of Sunset Valley before being taken to an animal shelter.  Then the Mayfield family took him in and gave him a forever home.  Shaye’s became his “mom”, and Lucky’s never felt luckier!

Now things are changing around the house, and Lucky isn’t sure if he likes it.  There’s these wriggling pink things in one room, and sometimes they scream and startle him.  Then they got bigger!  They don’t scream as much now that they’re bigger.  And they’re actually kind of fun!

Partner:  none
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:
Super-Maxed Skills:
Miscellaneous Challenges Completed:
Lifetime Rewards:
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