Medea’s Kids

Medea met Humberto Wolff, only son of Thornton and Morgana Wolff, at school.  They were both seriously into cars, got to talking, and really hit it off.  They dated throughout high school, then moved in together once Humberto got accepted into medical school.  At some point, they decided to just get married.  And one quick jaunt down to the courthouse later, they were.  Announcements were sent out later.  Recently, Medea’s been humming nursery rhymes…

Abel Wolff — Medea’s 1st son and child with Humberto Wolff.

Traits: Friendly | Brave | Absent-Minded
Age: child
Life-Time Wish: ???
Birth Info: Sunset Valley – hospital | May
Favorites: Goopy Carbanara | Spooky | Spiceberry
Sign: Taurus
black hair | dark blue eyes
Through the Ages: