Walter Mayfield

Traits:  Brave | Excitable | Good | Hydrophobic | Clumsy
Age:  simbot — young adult
Life-Time Wish:  Seaside Savior
Birth Info:  Sunset Valley – home | December
Favorites:  Vegetarian Spaghetti | Egyptian | Lilac
Sign:  Taurus
bright red hair | bright green eyes

Walter is Chloe’s brain child with Dr. Jason Funke, Sunset Valley’s Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder.  But more than that, he’s considered, by law, Chloe’s biological child and Mortimer’s step-child.  That makes Anthony his half-brother.  Half, whole; there’s no difference to Walter.

Anthony, or Tony as Walter affectionately calls him, is Walter’s best friend.  His brother.  He’s lucky to have Tony in his life.  To remind him that, no matter the viciousness and cruelty in the world, there’s also good and kindness and video games.

Walter is a bundle of well-intentioned energy.  Prone to accidents and small episodes when water is involved, nevertheless Walter genuinely wants to make the world a better place.  And if he has to combat his deepest fears to do it, he will.

Partner:  none
Children:  none
Maxed Skills:
Super-Maxed Skills:
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