Because I’m a weirdo who loves to see stuff like house evolution and how many gnomes simmers have captured, I like to think I’m not alone in that.  If I’m wrong, feel free to ignore this.

House Evolution:  If you’re like me and love seeing the different places sims live and how the simmer changes the house over time, check this out!

Gnome Catalogue:  I never got any gnomes before the Mayfields, so I’m excited!

Downloads:  If you love a Mayfield so much, feel free to use them in your own game/story/genetics-baby.

Resources:  Mods, custom content, how many expansion packs, and what I’m running it all on; it can all be found here!

Suggested Reading:  These are the blogs I myself spend a good chunk of time reading and enjoying.  I usually read funny, light-hearted TS3 blogs, but some stories are just so well written and have such a fantastic plot, that I’ve listed a few of them too.   Read and enjoy!  ^_^

May include more stuff here at a later data.


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