Gnome Catalogue

My Gnome Catalogue, categorized by generation!  I’m so proud of this thing…probably too proud…

Generation 1

Cranstan Boonitz the Magic Gnome — discovered in the garden the spring, right before Shaye was born; arrived silently

Gnome - 1.1

Mysterious Mr. Gnome — discovered by Chloe Mayfield (as child) as she explored the catacombs of Sunset Valley, before twins & Donovan were born; first gnome to grow old!  😀

Gnome - 1.2

Lounge Lizard Magic Gnome — discovered on the kitchen counter!  Arrived Autumn, right after the twins & Donovan’s child birthday, with a sudden rock’n roll sound that startled me out of my chair!  I previously did not know gnomes appeared that way!

Gnome - 1.3

Generation 2

Bucktooth Butternut — discovered in the garden on Love Day by Shaye Mayfield

Gnome - 2.1

Sultan Sam, the Magical Gnome of Egypt — discovered, where else, in a Pyramid by Donovan Mayfield.  I think he was in a chest.

Gnome - 2.2

Little Léon the Magical Gnome of France — discovered in the Landgraab Chateu tomb, just sitting on the ground!  So Donovan Mayfield nabbed him.

Gnome - 2.3

Mysterious Mr. Gnome, Baby — discovered down in the basement, surrounded by all the other gnomes…weird O_o

Gnome - 2.4

Master Manchu the Magical Gnome of China — discovered in the Temple of Heaven by Donovan Mayfield.  It may have been a chest…?

Carter Caninenimus — discovered in the yard one day, down by the beach, by Shaye Mayfield, just before Thomas Thompson and family moved out.

Edgar, the Magical Gnome of Inventing — invented by Chloe Mayfield shortly before Walter Mayfield was born.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome, Teenager (still named Baby) — discovered in the basement when I couldn’t find Baby.

Generation 3

Next Gnome — where will it be discovered?



    1. I’ve never seen a horse gnome before! The Diabolicals have a cat gnome, but that’s it. They don’t even have a regular gnome yet! XD

      It seems kind of random when they appear. And so far, only the rocker gnome gives a moodlet when he shows up.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. XD I usually never get gnomes, so I was SUPER excited when Chloe brought home the first gnome! You have NO idea! I may have squealed. >.> I wrote down everything about the gnome. And just continued for every other gnome. XD


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