House Evolution

The building exploits of FluffyMao as she attempts to construct suitable dwellings for the Mayfield family.

Generation 1:  This is the house of generation 1, as it morphed and grew to accommodate the exploding Mayfield family.  The Shotgun Style, 58 Water Lily Lane, Sunset Valley, Simmica.

House - 1.1 outside

House - 1.1 inside

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.19.05 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.18.50 AM

House - 1.3 outside

House - 1.3 inside

The final form of the house:

House 1.4 - outside

House 1.4 - inside

The Mayfield’s Original House (.zip) — The Shotgun Style’s final form from when the Mayfields were living in it.  Features 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and various knick-knacks collected by the family over the course of their lives.  Every appliance and plumbing item has been upgraded.  To what, I can’t remember exactly.  The garden features a Death Flower bush, Life Fruit Plant, Flame Fruit Bush and every base game plant (I think) in Perfect quality (good ol’ Bernard!).  It also has a perfect banana tree (Showtime) & pumpkin vine (Seasons).
Needed EPs:  Ambitions, Seasons, Generations & Showtime
Ambitions:  all the laundry stuff
Seasons:  lots of festival family photos, flowers, knick-knacks & the pumpkin
Generations:  a lot of the kitchen & bedroom stuff, as well as the playground
Showtime:  a few photos and the banana tree (I can’t live without bananas)
Store Content: the Daffodil over Susan’s grave from The Renaissance Faire
Furnished Price: $101465 (probably because of all of Ellie’s paintings)
Lot Size: [30×35]

Generation 2: This is the house of generation 2 of the Mayfield Clan after their tour ‘round the world running from Landgraab Industries.  Money was set to $1 right after they got to China (for a bit of realism).  By the end of the world tour, the Mayfields had managed to accumulate $320914 simoleons (family funds only, not counting current house value).  From an original $1.  Not bad.  Their new address is 100 Landons End, Sunset Valley, Simica.

House 2.1 - outside1

House 2.1 - outside2

House 2.1 - inside0

House 2.1 - inside1

House 2.1 - inside2

House 2.1 - inside3

House 2.1 - insideBM1

Next house remodel might be a while coming as this house isn’t even completely furnished yet!  The basement may be changed.


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