Here you can download a member of the Mayfield family to play in your own games!  Or shove in a random house!  Or use for genetics!  XD  Really, you’re free to do whatever you want with these.  If you do use them in a story or something, I’d love it if you’d send me a link!  That’d be so cool!  ^_^

The organization of this list is a bit weird, so bear with me.  It’s generation first, then age, with spouses directly under (where applicable).  Got it?  Good.

Generation 1

Bernard Mayfield — Patient patriarch of the Mayfield Clan, Bernard fathered 3 children with Ellie Mayfield, adopted 2, and gave birth to an alien baby!  A good man, with a heart of gold, Bernard is also quite skilled with a wrench and a keyboard.  He is an adult.

LTW: Become a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder (base game)
Pre-made EA sim from the bin (changed some clothes)
Hair: Nerd Cut (base game)
Everyday: short-sleeved button-up (base game), belted pants (University Life), laced boots (base game)

Ellie Mayfield — An artistic homemaker with talent in the kitchen, Ellie keeps her house and family just so, with no small amount of Southern charm.  She is a young adult.

LTW: Culinary Librarian (base game)
Pre-made EA sim from bin (changed hair, eyes, & clothes)
Hair: The Brigitte (store)
Makeup: all base game
Everyday: bare shoulders blouse w/ buttons (Pets), Bunched Knee Jeans (Generations), heeled boots (University Life)

Susan Thompson — The first female astronaut in the history of Simearth, Susan worked her way up with hard work, determination, and her natural athleticism.  Her guilty pleasure is playing in sprinklers.  She is an adult.

LTW: Become an Astronaut (base game)
Pre-made EA sim from the bin (changed hair, muscle, & clothes)
Hair: Long Straight Pulled Back Hair (base game)
Everyday: v-neck long-sleeved shirt (base game), belted white rumpled pants (Outdoor Living Stuff), hiking boots (base game)

Generation 2

Chloe Mayfield — Eldest of the second generation of Mayfields, Chloe is a bit of a loner, but extremely intelligent.  Many people consider her just plain weird though.  She is a young adult.  If you’ve got University Life, she has a 6th trait from maxing the Nerd Social: Night Owl (from Supernatural EP).

LTW: More Than a Machine (Into the Future)
CAS genetics child of Bernard Mayfield & Ellie Mayfield
Hair: Killer Curls (store)
Everyday: Can’t Commit Outfit (store), Uni-slip-ons (University Life), half-frame glasses (base game)

Mortimer Mayfield (Goth) — Chloe’s unexpected boyfriend, and now husband.  With an ambitious streak and tending towards pessimism, Mortimer is, surprisingly, a family man at heart.  He’d do just about anything for his son and wife.  His particular talent lies in creating exquisite works of art…of food, that it.  He is an adult.

LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef (base game)
Townie child of Gunther & Cornelia Goth (child at start)
Hair: messy & swept back (base game)
Everyday: rumpled vest & jacket (Supernatural), slacks (Supernatural), zippered shoes (Showtime)

Thomas Thompson — The only child of the famed astronaut Susan, Thomas took more after his adopted father.  He’s a good guy who loves to just hangout with friends and play his guitar, but don’t let the beach bum look fool you!  He sees a lot more than you’d think.  He is a young adult.

LTW: Golden Fingers, Golden Tongue (base game)
CAS genetics child of Bernard Mayfield & Susan Thompson
Hair: Sweetly Swept Back (store)
Everyday: Rumpled 1-Button Shirt (Showtime), Straight Jeans (Late Night), Nike tennis shoes (base game), wrist band (base game)

Darlene Thompson (Bunch) — Thomas’s high school sweetheart turned wife.  She’s a gullible thrill seeker who’ll try anything at least twice.  She’s awesome and don’t you forget it!  She is a young adult…though sometimes she doesn’t act like it.

LTW: International Super Spy (base game)
Townie child of Jack & Judy Bunch (child at start)
Hair: Long & Straight (Showtime)
Makeup: base game (just some light lipstick)
Everyday: Diesel tank top (Diesel Stuff), Riding Jeans (Pets), Leather & Buckle Attack  (store), snake arm band (World Adventures)

Shaye Mayfield — The firstborn of Ellie & Bernard Mayfield, Shaye wasn’t what the couple were expecting.  She’s a little ditzy and a bit of a flirt, but has a good heart.  Especially for the plants and animals of the world.  She’s a little hippie, a little bohemian, and all Mayfield.  She is a young adult.

LTW: The Animal Rescuer (Pets)
Born child of Bernard & Ellie Mayfield
Hair: Headband Hip (store)
Everyday: Zipped Tunic (Pets), Belted Bell Bottoms (Pets), shoes what shoes? (base game), circle stone on leather thong (store)

Medea Mayfield — Incredibly stubborn and with a short fuse, Medea has no shortage of enemies.  But get past her near impenetrable shell and you’ll find a solid friend.  She loves long summer days, fast cars, and a certain amount of predictability to life.  Her hobbies include working on cars and kicking the crap out of people.  She is a young adult.

LTW: Physical Perfection (World Adventures)
Born child of Bernard & Ellie Mayfield
Hair: pixie cut (base game)
Everyday: partly zipped hoodie & button-up (University Life), slick jeans (base game), no-laces sneakers (Into the Future)

Humberto Wolff — Medea’s husband.  They’ve managed to stick together all on their own!  He’s a good guy, loves all creatures and his collection of old cars.  He is a young adult.

LTW: The Zoologist (Pets)
Born child of Thornton & Morgana Wolff
Hair: curly locks (Island Paradise)
Everyday: whatever SP threw him in

Lucy Mayfield — The baby of the family, Lucy is quiet, thoughtful and most comfortable taking the pictures than being in them.  She finds beauty everywhere she looks, but especially in snowy landscapes.  She is a young adult.

LTW: Visionary (World Adventures)
Born child of Bernard & Ellie Mayfield
Hair: Can’t Care Hair (store)
Makeup: base game & World Adventures
Everyday: Long Term InVESTment (store), basic flats (base game), hoop earrings (World Adventures), swirly stone pendant (store)

Glen Steel — Lucy’s husband.  He’s a big softie, true lover, family man type of guy.  He greatly enjoys the beautiful outdoors and finding things out there.  He is a young adult.

LTW: Become an Astronaut (base game)
Born child of Hank Goddard & Zelda Mae (before Zelda married Christopher Steel)
Hair: short cropped sideswept (High End Loft Stuff)
Everyday: whatever SP threw him in

Donovan Mayfield — Donovan has green skin.  Combine that with his insatiable curiosity and the energy to back it up, not many people know that Donovan is also quite a skilled chef.  He is a young adult.  (SEASONS NEEDED!)

LTW: Seasoned Explorer (World Adventures)
Alien abduction child of Bernard Mayfield & Jeppayee Yoth
Hair: bald (base game)
Everyday: long-sleeved v-neck (Pets), rumpled skinny jeans (Supernatural), low sneakers (base game), watch (base game)

Generation Three