Suggested Reading

Just some sims stories I recommend.  Most of these are TS3, since I enjoy that setting more, but a few TS4 slip in every now and then.

These are organized alphabetically…or, at least, attempted to.

Completed But Should Definitely Still be Read

Alice and Kev

Elemental Legacy  {continued as the Mendeleev ISBI}

The Kyoti Legacy

Mendeleev ISBI  {continued as Periodically Different}

Pixel Perfect  {the Sims 3 prequel to Perfect Pixel Redux}

The Seraphine Legacy

The Southern Prettacy

Two Worlds, One Heart

Beautifully Written Plots

As Far as the World Goes  {a Sims 3 graphic novel & fucking amazing}

As Life Goes

Bloodlines  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

The Chronicles of Clarke  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

Different Winters

Dustland Fairytale

Eight Cicadas  {fucking amazing, but, sadly, discontinued}

The Hartfield Legacy  {discontinued but being rewritten as The Talented}

The Hunter Legacy

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The Kingston legacy

Legacies of the Sims

The Life and Times of the Willows

The Loewe Legacy

Never Do It Again

No Stars Over Uptown

Noble Doubt

Our Different Paths

Set Apart

Smoke ‘n’ Roses

The Untouchable Patels  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

Whispering Waters

The Windsor Legacy

Not So Much Plot, But Hilarious Reads

Absolutely Cuckoo

Bedlam ISBI

Dayes of Our Lives  {hasn’t been updated for a while now}

The Dysfunkshunal Legacy

The Freshmen Legacy

The Frosted Legacy

The Gordon Legacy

I Don’t Play Sims 3 (A Legacy)

Insanity Doesn’t Compare

Kanto Legacy

The Maitland Round-Robin Legacy

Mister Wolfe Legacy

The November Legacy

The Paradis Legacy

Pixel Perfect Redux  {the Sims 4 sequel to Pixel Perfect}

Rourke Epic Legacy

The Scatterday Matriarchy

Sim Salad

The Tale of the Bagleys

Stuff I’ve Written

The Diabolical Legacy  {WIP legacy of evil sims}