Welcome to the Mayfield Family!  We’re happy to have you!  ^_^

The Mayfields are your average, Sunset Valley dwelling family.  Ellie Mayfield is wife and homemaker.  Bernard Mayfield is her hard-working older husband.  Susan Thompson is Ellie’s ambitious sister.  And they have two toddlers, Chloe and Thomas, two perfectly normal, adorable toddlers.  They all live perfectly normal lives in a perfectly normal neighborhood at 58 Water Lily Lane.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.55.26 PM

Of course, Susan Thompson is rarely around for her young son, Thomas. And Ellie’s daughter, Chloe, looks nothing like Bernard. And, when asked about his work, Bernard smiles and starts a new conversation, and oh, by the way, have you met the latest member of the family? He has green skin. Oh, no! He’s perfectly fine! *benign smile*

Maybe they’re not so normal after all…

Welcome to the Family.  We’re happy to have you.

If you’re new, hi!  ^_^  You might like to start reading at the Beginning.  If you’re returning for more Mayfield weirdness, the Chronicles are what you want.  And if you’re all caught up and still craving the Family, check out the Family Album and the Miscellaneous pages.

This story does get into some moderately foul language in Generation 2.  Beware.


  1. Hello. Actually, you’re one of the stories I wanted to catch up on and now I’m catching up on two other, whoops. But leaving a follow so I’m reminded to go here and catch up! I’m such a mess, lol.

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