2.11 – It Could Be Nothing…

This chapter is mostly filler since I’m having some difficulty completing the Egyptian adventures.  Or rather, adventure, just one, incredibly long, adventure chain.  Donovan’s been run ragged, as has Chloe to keep us in shower-in-cans.  The good thing about it is that it’s given me an idea for an actual plot.  Plot?! I hear your say!  Yes…maybe…distinct possibility…>.>

Chloe’s PoV

It was late at night…or early in the morning, depending on your perspective.  Everyone was asleep in their tents.  Except for me, that is.

I was putting the finishing touches on a project I’d started in Shang Simla.  I wasn’t kept entirely busy with ancient translations and the inner workings of nasty traps.  I’d had some free time every now and then.  Enough to grow bored.  I’d started building my own computer.  Shang Simla was pretty limited on electronics, but enough explorers broke phones and such that I was never wanting for parts.

2.11 - pic1

And now, it was almost complete.  I decided to try a test run.

2.11 - pic2

Not as fast as I was hoping.  And there seemed to be a memory leak somewhere, but I’d deal with that later.  For now, I had a working computer for the first time in over a 16 months.  It was heaven!  I started writing worms.  Landgraab Labs will never catch me off-guard again.

Thomas’s PoV

“And where are you two off to?”

Donovan turned around, ‘guilty’ written all over his face.  Lucy smirked up at me.

2.11 - pic3

“The pyramids,” she said sweetly.  “I got a few shots in yesterday, but I haven’t got any interior photos.  And I want a black and white sarcophagus shot!”  She smiled softly and tucked a lock of sandy brown hair behind her ear.  To say ‘no’ was to kick a puppy.

“Fine,” I said.  “But be back by sunset!”  They ran out of camp, giggling the whole way.

“You’re such a push-over,” Chloe muttered, staring after them.

I shrugged.  “Lucy’s a careful kid and they’re both smart.  They’ll be fine.”

I started thinking about the fishing trip I had planned for later that afternoon.  I still need to figure out that net thing.  Egyptian fishermen didn’t use fishing rods, but a net strung between two poles.  I’d been struggling with it for almost a week now.

“I need to talk to you,” Chloe whispered beside me.

My heart seized up.  “About what?” I asked, as casually as I could, keeping the squeak to a minimum.

She cocked her head to the side and considered me.  I started to fidget.  “What?”

She shook her head.  “Nothing important,” and she walked away, hands in her pockets.

“God, she’s annoying.”  It could have been a thought from my own head, except for the voice.

2.11 - pic4

“She’s got a lot on her mind,” I told Medea.  Maybe this time I can bring her around.

“Yeah, and she doesn’t share it with anyone!  She just expects us to go along with whatever she says without any explanation whatsoever!  I hate it!  I hate her!  I hate life!”

2.11 - pic5

I didn’t have anything to say to that.  It was something I’d always thought about Chloe.  Hearing it said out loud though…I felt really guilty all of a sudden.  “Chloe’s…”  I groped for a suitable word.  None came to mind.  “…complicated.”

“But she doesn’t have to be!”  The teenager in front of me seemed hellbent on staying angry.  She stomped her foot for emphasis.

I shrugged.  “And you don’t have to be angry.”  Confusion overtook Medea’s face.  “But some things can’t be helped,” I continued quickly, knowing an opportunity when I saw one.  “We all are the way we are.  And there’s no changing that…at least, not easily.  Chloe’s got her reasons and a method to her madness.  You’ll just have to wait and be patient with the rest of us.”

2.11 - pic6

Medea looked up at me, lips pursed.  Then she turned, walked over to the nearest wall and kicked it.  But at least she didn’t scream and immediately tackle the nearest adventurer.  It’s progress…if only I could make some with Chloe.

Chloe’s PoV

I’m…confused.  I wandered to the back of the campsite.  I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep.  Last night’s discovery weighed heavily on my mind.  And I can’t tell Thomas…he’s finally starting to relax again.  I bit my thumb, thinking.  What now?  MorcuCorp…It could be something…it could be nothing.  Just because a business was greatly invested in Landgraab Labs didn’t necessarily imply that it was evil.  “Why did it have to be here?”

2.11 - pic7

“Damn!”  I kicked a handy palm tree and immediately regretted it.  I leaned against it and sighed.  I’ll keep a close eye on all transactions.  If anything suspicious pops up, I’ll act.  When, and if, that happened…until then, I’d have to keep quiet and watch.  I sighed again and rubbed my ankle.  I could see the sleepless nights stretching ahead of me.

Note:  First of all, I apologize to any computer-savvy person who might read this and cringe.  I’m incredibly sorry, I’m not a computer scientist, I don’t know these things, and, quite frankly, am too lazy to look them up.  At least right now.  So…sorry, again.  Depending on what feedback I get on this chapter, I may or may not fix minutia details.  Meh.

Second, you might have noticed that there is now a sidebar displaying follow buttons, recent posts, a blogroll, etc.  It’s always been on the Home page, but now its on chapter pages as well.  If people prefer it the way it was, I’ll revert it, but if people don’t mind (read: don’t speak up), it’ll stay.  Just want your guys’ opinions.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^



  1. Uh oh, MorcuCorp has connections to the lab? Might be nothing….might be something o_o; I sense another potential move on the horizon, which Medea for one definitely won’t be happy about.

    I know this is Chloe’s plan for now, but I wonder how sustainable it really is. After all, they can’t run forever….Or I mean, I suppose they technically could, but I imagine that Medea won’t be the only one who ultimately loses their patience if that were the case! =O

    Ooh and yay, it looks like I’ve caught up! Gee, you get sucked into something and the chapters just fly by, don’t they? XD I’m looking forward to seeing what happens from here….I hope they can continue to keep Donovan safe, and I also hope they won’t have to run forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. …I should keep my mouth shut about future plans, otherwise I’ll blab everything. But I’m quite excited about the reader reaction about what’ll happen later. Let’s just say: they won’t run forever.


  3. Yay! I’m caught up! I love this! I actually really love stories about siblings and all of them in this story have such unique personalities and it’s just great! You do an amazing job with the characters!

    I love Chloe’s look and I have a lot of sympathy for her. I naturally over-worry about things too and it does stress people out so I really empathize with her. Although, in this case I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s “over-worrying”. When it’s your brother’s life on the line, I don’t think you can over-worry.

    I feel bad for Medea too for finally have found some calmness and then getting moved away again. That’s rough. I hope that some of her anger just comes from being a teenager and that she can learn to be calmer when she matures.

    All this stuff with the science lab really sucks for them! I hope it all works out, it has to be so hard on them with all the stress. I really like Thomas, he seems to kind of hold everything together.

    I can’t wait to read more, this is amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the Mayfields! It’s awesome to have you! ^_^
      I’m really glad I managed to write their characters well enough that you could identify with them! I’m really trying to write Thomas as the nice Big Brother guy, always trying to keep everything together and everyone from each other’s throats. And you’re totally right about Chloe! ^_^
      As for Medea, I’m not sure. She’s only a teenager, so we’ll see what happens later. I wrote her like that because every day in Egypt, without fail, she’d get the Moodswing moodlet and take it out on Chloe and Shaye. Pretty much everything I write about happens in game…with minor embellishments to make it more of a story and less of a ‘this-is-what-happened’. One such embellishment was the Labs fiasco. I wanted a reason they would move but couldn’t think of anything. Then my boyfriend says (jokingly) that the Labs would totally want to reclaim Donny for his alien DNA. I rolled with cuz, wth, and people seem to like it! ^_^
      Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again! ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

  4. The story gets more intriguing with every chapter! I am curious what happens next, luckily for me, there are still some chapters in stock 🙂
    It will be worse when I get to the end and have to wait for the actual updates… Or maybe it’s a good thing, I’ll have more time to work on my story 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD I can’t believe I missed that pun! The Mayfields were in Egypt so long and I didn’t use that! Missed opportunities. Ah, well.

      Thanks! I’ve been sprucing up some things for, well, you’ll read about it. 😉

      Great seeing you again and thanks for stopping by! ^_^


  5. Oh no, Chloe, what have you digged into? I hope it doesn’t pose a threat to any of them. That thing Medea said was righty, but that’s just how it is with Chloe, you can’t force people to change just because you don’t like something about them.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have trouble trusting any corporation that has connections to some secret laboratory place or whatever. MorcuCorp. The name alone doesn’t sound trustworthy. They’re everywhere!

    I’m so loving Thomas.


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