Update Coming Soon!

Sorry for the long wait and still no chapter.  Here’s my excuse.

Prepping for grad school, and then actual grad school, took me down for a while.  And just as I was climbing back up I discovered Skyrim.  Great way to start off a new semester!  /sarcasm/

I have been simming for the past few weeks though.  The Mayfields and I have been testing out a newly discovered mod.  Just in case something bad happened, I backed everything up and haven’t posted anything, in the event I would need to replay a lot and stuff needed to change.  But things seem to be running just smoothly!

If you’re curious, the mod that I was testing was the Toddler Interactions mod (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  The original is by Cherry 92 over on ModTheSims.  However, the one I’m using is an updated version by claudiasharon.  I was too busy skilling them to let the quadruplets try out the interactions, but you will get to see those new toddler interactions soon.  😉

The mod has been added to my Resources page and I do recommend it.  It’s cute!

In other news, the Mayfields WILL be returning!  I’ve got several chapters ready to go, was just waiting to see if the mod messed with anything too much, making me have to change time and stuff.  But, like I said, everything seems to be fine.  We’ll get back to a regular posting schedule, but tweaked slightly.  From now on, I’ll be alternating between my blogs.  When one is updated one week, the other won’t be.  Today I posted a Diabolical chapter, so next week I’ll post a Mayfield chapter, and so on.

I just need to space things out a bit so I can focus on other things in my life right now.  Like picking a thesis topic.  >.>

Welp, see you next Monday!  ^_^



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